Bodies - floating and pliable at about ten meters high between the buildings in a noisy city center. Timeless, weightless. We stand still and look up. As a matter of course we breathe with the breathless apparitions. Then they dissolve in the vacuum.

UN-retained, a poetic visual story that brings silence into an overwhelming world, lets us forget time, space and gravity; it slows our heartbeat and plunges us into a universe of sans-souci. The experience that both overwhelms and invites contemplation is only possible through a seamless combination of the everyday familiarity of real bodies and hidden technical ingenuity. A spectacle of calm and modesty. Grand and at the same time intimate.

Supported by Humankind - Daycare centre Paradijs- After school care Paradijsvogels


A project by: Sandman
Concept & Choreography: Sabine Molenaar 
Technical Concept: Gertjan Biasino
Composer: Jochem Baelus

With her company Sandman, Sabine Molenaar creates imaginative performances in which the associative logic of dreams rules. The world she creates is wonderfully unusual, but always recognizable. Sabine develops her performances from a specific state of mind. The body, in which she combines supreme mental, physical and emotional concentration, is her tool and gives her characters and associations profoundness and expressiveness. She connects the concrete and the etheric. The body is the point of departure and compassion: painfully virtuous and mercilessly personal. 

Sandman was founded by Sabine Molenaar in 2012 and has it’s base in Brussels. Working cross-disciplinary with performance and film, Sandman produced four physical theatre performances: That’s it (2013), Touch me (2015), Almost Alive (2017) and also a short and adjusted version of Almost Alive is touring named A Moment (2017) and three experimental short dance films: Wish her ill (2012), That’s it (2013) and Kali (2016).


Performers/freedivers: Gunther Polle, Corentin Dockx, Thierry Dockx, An Meirsman, Thibault Dockx, Sabine Molenaar + Umiko Dockx Molenaar
Freediving advice: Thibault Dockx
Production manager: Filip Timmermans
Camera: Alexandra Brixy
Camera-assistent: Adrien Lengrand
Camera : Wim Michels
Safety freediving: Jeroen van Haudt
Postproduction/ Video mapping: Gertjan Biasino
Dramaturgical advice: Nienke Rooijakkers
Production: Sandman
Executive producers: Alain Freyer & DansBrabant & Kosmonaut
Executive production assistant: Flora Bernard
Coproduction: DansBrabant, GLOW Eindhoven

With the support of: Beamsystems, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Deja! Production, BFC camera rental, Cinediving.

This initiative was made possible by Grensverleggers, scheme to support cultural cooperation between parties in Flanders, the Province North-Brabant, the Province Limburg and the Province Zeeland.




Brabant Dance + Sabine Molenaar