Portion of Light

Portion of Light

Het College

Portie Licht (Portion of Light) originated from a collaboration between GLOWlab, GGZE and SintLucas, the vocational school for creative talent

This ties in with the work Come and Grow, by George Barratt-Jones. Together they investigated the influence of light on people. After all, light is the most important “timer” for your body and it ensures that your biological clock keeps good time. If your internal clock is keeping good time, you feel better.

Light therapy has an amazingly positive effect on people with winter depression, common depression or manic depression. Light therapy is the strongest source for resetting your internal clock. Despite the healing effect of light, we only use it to a very limited extent. The SintLucas students make this concept tangible with Portie Licht in daily activities, a landscape and life. Accessible for everyone, without stigma.

GLOWlabs are sessions in which companies, artists, engineers, designers, institutions and residents collaborate on innovative light artworks based on a particular theme. This is how GLOW disseminates the mission: Eindhoven makes the difference in light art!

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SintLucas Photography Students + GGZE + GLOWlab