Warehouse of Innovation

SINK submerges visitors in a world in which light, sound and the location’s architecture blend together.

For this year’s GLOW Festival, Lumus Instruments and Albert van Abbe present SINK. An immersive audio-visual installation at the former V&D (now Warehouse of Innovation). Musicians and light artists collaborate to create an exceptional, multisensory experience. Connoisseurs call it a synesthetic trip!

SINK is designed to resonate with the architecture of the space. At the heart of this installation, which spans the entire ground floor of the former department store, electronic live artists perform together with light artists, creating a powerful synergy. In and of the moment, these circumstances can never be accurately re-created: SINK takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime audio-visual journey.

Lumus Instruments is a creative showlighting studio led by Timo Lejeune & Julius Oosting, light and multimedia designers and developers with a passion for electronic music. Their LED-designs and revolutionary control systems blur the boundaries between light art and music. Lumus designs were already part of music festivals such as Mysteryland, Into the Woods and Draaimolen. Besides GLOW 2016 and 2017, their light art was also exhibited in Toronto Light Festival and LUNA Leeuwarden.

Manic percussion, searching synths and monumental soundscapes: DJ and producer Albert van Abbe has created his very own techno sound for almost two decades. His electronic music is soothing and calming, while at the same time arresting and experimental. He has released his music through his own labels as well as on renowned outlets like FIGURE Jams, Semantica en Uncanny Valley's Shtum. Van Abbe is a DJ as well as live performer, playing shows at Berghain, Awakenings and Tresor, to mention a few. He has been involved in many different audio-visual projects, now light and visuals play an increasingly important role in his own creative process: techno, light and architectural space in perfect harmony.


Albert van Abbe + Lumus Instruments