The Light Cathedral

The Light Cathedral

Nieuwe Emmasingel

In the light cathedral we take you on a virtual journey from a bare shop space to a space that is infinite

How do the different colours and shapes of light change the experience in the space? Is it exciting, fun, boring, motivating, relaxing?

Through measuring your brainwaves, you gain an impression of how you experienced the space. Your brain waves do not lie. How unique are you in your experience of the environment? What is the relationship between atmosphere and safety? Who determines the atmosphere and the light? What does this mean and what are the consequences? Many questions. Can Virtual Reality really help us take better founded decisions in the design process? Perhaps. We use neurofeedback to determine what is of influence. Is that the truth? No, but it is a step forward in the process of developing public spaces.

The Light Cathedral was part of GLOW 2019, a try-out for a future light artwork at GLOW and originated from a GLOWlab. The light artwork will be continued on GLOW2021.

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Ellen de Vries, The Lux Lab, was inspired by the phenomenon of light at a young age. She started as a lighting designer for theater and video productions, but after some experimentation switched to Philips Lighting.

This is where the poetry of lighting and its technical side come together. She has been leading independent lighting design and consultancy Het Lux Lab for 15 years. With "Het Lux Lab", Ellen de Vries has made various light master plans for cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Willemstad (Curaçao). She also develops and realizes concepts for temporary projects as a basis for scientific research or for light art festivals such as GLOW.