Smart Light for Placemaking

Smart Light for Placemaking

Several parks and streets in Eindhoven

Design-research into smart lighting for placemaking

Smart lighting is entering public space. Unfortunately, this new wave seems to have a blind spot when it comes to the qualities of light itself. ‘Smart’ streetlights are identical to ‘non-smart’ luminaires in terms of light, while there are many new possibilities to shape it. In this project, we develop an alternative design approach for smart lighting, based on Placemaking: Making a place more meaningful to its users, with their input, using light as medium.

'Smart light for placemaking' continues to develop. The outcome of this further process will be on display in the form of a light artwork during GLOW 2021.

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This project is an initiative of Philip Ross (Studio Philip Ross) in collaboration with Indre Kalinauskaite (TU/e ID), Antal Haans and Elke den Ouden (TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute), Fontys Delta and GLOW Eindhoven. The project is supported by gemeente Eindhoven and co-funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.